Friday, December 31, 2010

Spotted: Anthropologie on Disney Channel, Oprah Show, and Hartford Commercial

I love seeing Anthropologie on TV, especially pieces that I own. I feel like I have some sort of connection to whoever is wearing an Anthro piece. It seems as though I only watch the Disney Channel, but I do know that there are other Anthro pieces featured on other TV shows and such. Disney Channel is just always on at my house whenever I'm bored so I guess that's a lot. It also intrigues me how Disney stylists can style sophisticated Anthro pieces in a young, funky way.

Sonny is wearing the Clinging Blossoms Cardigan for the 2nd time in the episode "New Girl," just in the different colorway. You can see her wearing the other colorway in this post. Sorry for the bad quality, but this is a new episode so there isn't really any good screen caps out there yet. 

 Harper is wearing the Swan Song Skirt by Leifsdottir in the Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Journey to the Center of the Mason."

Kristina Kuzmic-Crocco is a finalist on Oprah's "Your Own Show." She's paired the In the Trees Skirt with the Volante Tee. When I saw her walking out on the Oprah show I just about died. I own this skirt and am waiting out for sale on the top. This pairing is genius and it makes me want to wear this skirt soon!

While I was watching a football game today I spotted this chick sporting the Trickle Down Top from a Hartford Auto Insurance commercial. I thought this was particularly funny and random because the commercial was about cowboy boot purses.

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  1. Hey! Just saw that you mentioned me on your blog, or rather my anthropology outfit! Don't you just LOVE that store?

    Kristina Kuzmic