Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sale picks, a special find, and sneak peek!

I really tried my best to be a good girl today, but I failed once again. These weekly Anthro sales are killing me!! My wallet is pretty much anorexic and it's all my fault. I guess when I'm poor and on the streets at least I'll look good right?! =/


Tria Sweater Skirt, size medium $69.95(yay!)
I had to size up in this skirt, but I love it sooo much! I have two sweater skirts from Anthro (Marston Sweater Skirt and Declarative Skirt) and they are so stylish, comfortable, and warm for the winter! Oh, and those ruffles!

Loosely Looped Tee, size small $29.95
I can't decide which color to get because I love them all! I already ordered the black because it was out of stock and I called CS to locate it and I have the other 3 colors on hold and I'll try them out tomorrow..I might get all 4!

Not-So-Sale Picks

Bianka Blouse, size 6 $68
This didn't go on sale, but I've been pining after this print for a long time now and just decided to bite the bullet because I just need it in my life.

Anticipation Heels, size 7/7.5 $168
These heels also did not go on sale, but they were sold out in my size but I finally scored them on a popback! I was actually considering two sizes but they were both sold out but just my luck, they both popped up! I ordered them both and will return or sell on ebay the one that doesn't work out. These are soo lovely and I really hope they work out!!

Gam Games Tights, size M/L (all I could find) $9.95
These tights probably don't seem like a special find, but indeed they are to me! These went on sale probably a month ago and I don't know why I didn't purchase them right away seeing as they were only $9.95. I started kicking myself when I noticed these tights were worn by my all-time fave TV fashionista, Blair Waldorf! I finally located them and I am ecstatic! I couldn't believe the fashionable Blair Waldorf was wearing something from Anthro!

The reason why I wanted the tights that Blair is wearing is that I recently purchased the Bensoni coat that she is wearing in the pic above. It was such a great deal that I could not pass it up. I have a thing for getting pieces worn on TV like Gossip Girl, Glee, etc. I will post pics of me in the coat as soon as it ships! EEP!

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  1. Hello! I would be interested in the size 7's if you chose the 7.5's.....Thanks! kari thomas3179 at msn dot com