Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 from 2010: Dresses

Before this year I only bought dresses for special occasions. Anthropologie came out with some beautiful dresses this year, so I could not resist. Even if I didn't have an occasion to wear the dress at I had to have it. This year my eyes were opened to shirt dresses/casual dresses. I always loved skirts, so dresses weren't really part of my every day wardrobe. Casual dresses are so easy and laid back and I can't believe I've never tried them out until this year! Below my list of dresses are some highlights of these dresses. I've also added some highlights to my tops post from yesterday so be sure to check those out too!

  • Discovered Lace Dress
  • Babergh Dress
  • Manor Gates Dress
  • Rosettes-and-Ruffles Dress
  • Cooling Magma Dress
  • Lotus Awakening Dress
  • Southward Stop Shirtdress
  • Dagmar Shirtdress
  • Wightwick Manor Dress
  • Sugar & Cream Dress

Me and my mom on the cruise: Lotus Awakening Dress
    Me and my boyfriend at my cousin's wedding in Cali: Rosettes-and-Ruffles Dress
     Me and my cousins at a wedding in Iowa: Cooling Magma Dress that I look back I guess I did have several occasions to wear all my dresses!

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