Monday, January 31, 2011

Spotted: Anthropologie on Disney Channel, One Tree Hill, and What Not To Wear

I admit it...I'm too lazy to take pictures of my outfits. I only go to school 3 days a week so I only have 3 outfits that are even worthy of taking pictures of but when I'm done with classes all I want to do is go to my apartment and sit on our ♫ big comfy couch ♫ (loved that show!). I'll try harder to stay in my outfit before I change into my lounge wear. For now, here are some sightings I spotted on TV.

The first is the Aniseed Skirt seen on Good Luck Charlie. This sighting was kind of heartbreaking because,'ll see.

 Am I the only one who thinks ripping and muddifying this skirt is a tragedy?! The horror!!

 Here Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place is wearing the Pionus Cardigan

 Milly from One Tree Hill is wearing the Precious Materials Cardigan, yay!

Last, here's the Beneath the Surface Shell seen on What Not to Wear. I almost bought this top, but decided to save my money instead. I reviewed this top here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews

I don't have much time to go into detail with these reviews, so I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

Femme Trench Jacket::Style #20230041::$188::Size 4
I definitely could have sized down in this trench. It was roomy, so I had to belt it tighter than I liked. I don't own a trench this color, and although this trench has lovely details I wouldn't buy it for myself.

Autumn Obi Top::Style #19234814::Now $69.95::Size 4
This top on the other hand is amazing! It fits me like a glove and would get it in a heartbeat if it weren't for that price. Darn you, Anna Sui!

Beneath The Surface Shell::Style# 19285527::Now $49.95::Size 2
I loved this top online but sadly the real life version did nothing for me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OOTD: Floral & Stripes Make Me Feel Nice

I absolutely adore the Higgledy Piggledy Skirt and the Bianka Blouse. They were 2 items that were at the tippy top of my Birthday/Christmas wishlist. My boyfriend originally got me the skirt for my birthday and was able to get him a price adjustment. I rarely get full price items at Anthropologie, but when the Bianka Blouse popped back on my wishlist I immediately pounced. I found the pumps at my local Anthro in my size. I love when Anthro fate happens like that.

In This Outfit:
Blouse: Anthro Bianka Blouse
Skirt: Anthro Higgledy Piggledy Skirt
Cardigan: Forever 21 Striped Stud Trim Cardigan
Shoes: Anthro Linnaean Pumps

Friday, January 21, 2011

OOTD: Dagmar

This is my very first shirtdress from Anthropologie. I used to only buy dresses for special occasions and holidays. The print of this dress caught my attention and I was on the fence about purchasing it but once I tried it on I was smitten even though there were a lot of things that went wrong. The sizing was a bit off for me. I had to size up to an 8 to fit my bust and the arms were tight on my normal size as well. Another con is the length is longer than I like being a shorter girl, but I solved the problem by wearing heels despite wanting to wear boots with it. Despite the cons, I'm happy with this sale purchase.  

In This Outfit:
Shirt: Anthro Dagmar Shirtdress
Tank: Forever 21
Shoes: Miz Mooz
Necklace: Betsy Johnson

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spotted: Anthropologie on People's Choice Awards and Pretty Little Liars

Look About Blouse seen on the People's Choice Awards. I apologize for the quality of the pic but it was straight from my TV haha. I love that a backstage crew member wore Anthro to the People's Choice alongside the Kardashians!

Switching Sides Sweater seen on Aria from Pretty Little Liars.

OOTD: Pick a Buncha Stripes

Sorry I've been MIA lately. School has started full force and even though I only go to class 3 times a week I still feel like so much is going on yet I'm out of the loop since I'm not on campus anymore. It's been hard for me to take pictures of my outfits because all I wanna do is relax when I get back to my apartment. I have several OOTD's I'll be posting within the week so look out for them!

I honestly don't know why I'm looking down in all but one of these pix. Maybe because I have no idea what to do when that camera starts flashing.

In This Outfit:
Cardigan: Anthro Pick a Bunch Cardi
Skirt: BCBG Generation
Shoes: Steve Madden Burgundy Patent Pump
Tights: Black Hue

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OOTD: Casual Comfort + Anthro Fitting Room Reviews

It's 2:30am and I can't sleep! Maybe because I just moved in to my amazing apartment on Monday and am getting used to it. Or maybe because I didn't have school today so I got to sleep in! It's amazing not having school on Tues/Thurs. All the moving in is the reason why I haven't been posting lately. Hopefully when I get settled in I'll start taking pics of my outfits. For now, here's a shot of me when I went shopping for the last time before school kicked off.

 In This Outfit:
Sweater: American Eagle
Pants: J.Crew
Boots: Anthro Gilgarran Boots
Necklace: Forever 21

Look About Blouse::Style #19107341::$98::Size Medium
I never took a second glance at this blouse until I saw it styled with the In the Trees Skirt. I was mesmerized and totally in love. I was scared that this blouse was going to sell out since they kept disappearing every time I would walk into a store. They're even just about sold out online. I actually tried on this blouse before, but it didn't really impress me. Here I tried on the medium which was the smallest size I found. I actually sorta liked the bagginess of the blouse but hoped to find it in an xs.

 Thankfully on a rack in the dressing room I spotted a lonely xs just waiting for me to grab my hands on it! As you can see the fit is way better. I would say size down 1 or 2 sizes because this top runs big. Unfortunately, smaller girls will size out of this blouse unless they tuck it in which is totally doable. The fabric is divine and that print and color! Needless to say this blouse came home with me due to the tragedy of it selling out in my size. Hopefully I can get a PA, but if not I still think it's worth the splurge.

 Hellebore Sweater Skirt::Style #19514165::Now $69.95::Size Small
I came to love sweater skirts after purchasing the Tria Sweater Skirt and the Marston Sweater Skirt. I could tell this skirt would stretch over not so much time so I would say to size down. The small fit, but even when I tried it on for a couple of minutes I could tell I would need an extra small. I love the print and the details of this skirt, but I'm not sure I need another yellow sweater skirt. I have one on hold and will have to read more reviews and check the versatility of the skirt before I bite the bullet.

Fancified Boatneck::Style #19411289::Now $29.95::Size Small
This top got on my special wishlist even before I tried it on. I apologize for this lil number that I am wearing. I think I just didn't feel like putting my pants on to review this top so I wore the skirt with it which looks awful. Back to the top, I thought I would like the lilac version better but it didn't do anything for me. Maybe because I already own the Stripes & Lights Tee. I would definitely go with the navy version. I absolutely adore the lace detailing on the shoulder. The size small worked well and I wouldn't size up or down so I would say this fits TTS.

 Soft-Structured Dress::Style #20180055::$148::Size Small
This dress is probably the only dress that really caught my eye from all the new arrivals. The material is super soft and the dress is like a second skin. Sadly, I felt kind of old in it. It didn't have a very youthful feeling for me. I like the side view, but the front view didn't amaze me. Looking at the pictures now I don't think it looks that bad. I might still consider this on sale because it'd be an easy work outfit. Wow, I think I'm actually talking myself into this one so I would definitely buy this one once it hits sale.

Those are the reviews! Sorry I didn't have anymore. I tried on other things, but they just didn't feel worthy enough to take shots of. Next time I promise I'll take pictures regardless of how I feel or look for your benefit. Please let me know if there's anything you want me to try on as I'll probably be going to my local store this weekend!

Alright, I think I'm ready to go to bed. Time to face my doom of my first day of my last semester of college in the morning. Wish me luck!