Thursday, January 6, 2011

OOTD: Like Daughter, Like Mother

I normally don't share my love for Anthropologie with friends because I don't want us all to be wearing the same things. I know it sounds really selfish, but I like having unique pieces and having people wonder where I get my clothes. Before I had a rule to never tell people where I got my clothes, but now when people ask I tell them but if they don't ask then I keep my mouth shut. My mom on the other hand obviously knows where I get my clothes because there's always Anthropologie bags laying around. I actually like sharing my love with anthro with her and here she was wearing her first cardigan and first pair of boots from anthro so I had to take a pic! I was so proud. I actually got the Loose Rein Boots first and then she really wanted them too so I called a bunch of stores to snatch up an 8 for her.

My Mom's Outfit:
Cardigan: Anthro Wily Sweater
Skirt: Kasper
Boots: Anthro Loose Rein Boots

As I've said before, I love love love mixing prints because I don't like to match. I love being eclectic and making people take a second glance. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do match but it's very rare. 

I wasn't really thrilled the first time I tried this skirt on, but I love polka dots so I had to get it. I think I didn't like it because it was pretty long on me, but I just flipped the top of the skirt over and it worked perfectly. Also, these boots are amazing! I still can't believe I looked over these beauties. It really taught me a lesson to look at shoes in person first before I purchase them. I can do this now since the new Anthro location in Chicago sells shoes now and that's where I got these boots.

You'll see that I'm trying something new with my pictures. I really hated the quality of the pics that I took in the mirror because I couldn't use flash, and the fact that I had to take the pics in the mirror in the first place since nobody would take them of me. I noticed a couple of tripods in my house and gave it a go so hopefully I'll have time to set the tripod up because I like these pics a lot better.

I showed this pic below to my bro and he teased, "Is that your Bella pose?" hahaha.

In This Outfit:
Top: Anthro Lustrous Laveliere Top
Cardigan: Anthro Field Game Cardigan
Skirt: Anthro Peppered & Striped Skirt
Boots: Anthro Gilgarran Boots


  1. Your mother looks so happy in her Anthro outfit! Adorbs! Of course, you look lovely as well. :) I love the pairing of the polka dot skirt with the striped cardigan.

    xx maricel
    the style shrink

  2. Just found your blog the other day. You're too cute! I'm filipino too! My mom loves herself some Anthro, too. She has one where she lives and my sister where she lives. I have none near me, the closest being 1hr 40 long minutes away. They don't go as often as *I'd* like them too, just to check for my sizes during sale day. I heart those boots. They popped back in my size and I was so tempted, but I just got the Loose Reins, Pebbled and Primped and the Winding Ruffle from last year off ebay. Boot overload, but I think I may get them if I see another popback!