Saturday, January 8, 2011

OOTD: Make it Work

This H&M skirt is one of my favorites. It was sort of like fate how it found its way into my closet. I was at the downtown store and I was going down the escalator. At the bottom of the escalator waiting for me was a lone polka dot skirt, but there was one problem. It was a size 0. On top of that, it was pull on style meaning no squeezing or tucking allowed. I was able to get into it, but barely. I bought it, but I sadly never wore it. I thought about giving it away but I just couldn't bare it. I've seen other black and white polka dot skirts before but never any with khaki, sturdy material like this one. I decided to take Stacy and Clinton's advice from What Not To Wear and take it to the tailor. I asked the lady to add a zipper and take out the hem and voila! The moral of the story is to not let your clothes take control of you. YOU take control of YOUR clothes. Your tailor truly is your very best friend.

In This Outfit:
Top: Anthro Muted Lavender Top
Cardigan: Anthro Felted Lei Cardigan (from an EA member)
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Anthro Loose Rein Boots


  1. Hi, Great blog. You have wonderful style. Would love to see more Anthro fitting room reviews. It's hard for me to find someone who wears the same size as me! Keep up the great work, and your mom looks fab!

  2. You are just hands down adorable and your mom!!! I DIE. Too, too much cuteness in the fam...hehehe...=)
    Kristina J.

  3. @ Carolyn in Canada- It's great to know that I have a size twin that's reading my blog! It makes it worthwhile to post reviews. I have a little review post coming up so keep checking in!

    @ Kristina- I can't believe you found my blog!! When you walked out on that Oprah stage I just stared in awe. I loved your outfit and most of all that you shop at Anthropologie!

  4. I love my Felted Lei cardi! I'll try pairing it with purple/lavender next time, like you did! Is this a current H&M skirt? I'd love to get one. =)

  5. @Anon- This H&M skirt is pretty old..probably around 4 years old lol. I'm sure you can find a similar skirt out there. Let me know if I can help!