Sunday, January 2, 2011

OOTD: Bows and Feathered Friends

I love how things fall into place when you were least expecting it. The Southward Stop Shirtdress was never on my wishlist because it didn't appeal to me. I normally lean toward florals and stripes rather than animal prints. I visited my local anthro and found a size 8 all alone by itself. I tried it on just for kicks and it still didn't appeal to me. Maybe because it was big? A couple weeks later I found another one all alone in a size 0. I'm normally a size 4 so I was pretty skeptic, but to my surprise it fit! I loved the dress because it hugged all the right places instead of just hanging there. After I bought it I realized that I wanted a little bit more room in the bust area so after calling about 20 stores randomly after CS told me there were none left, I found one in my normal size 4. I am delighted that I jumped on the southward bandwagon because it is one of my favorite casual dresses. I paired it with the Alighting Lepidoptera Sweater that I found all by itself along with the dress. I never took a second glance at this piece too but I love it!

In This Outfit:
Dress: Anthro Southward Stop Shirtdress
Sweater: Alighting Lepidoptera Sweater
Boots: Anthro Bowtied-Beauty Boots
Belt: Lace Over Leather Boot


  1. It looks great on you!

    Did you return the size 0 already?
    I've been looking for that dress is size 0 for the past 3 weeks, I'd love to get my hands on one!

  2. Thanks so much Nataliya! Unfortunately, I just sold the dress on ebay. I would definitely keep calling stores though because I'm sure there are still some lingering around!

  3. Did you buy that recently? I'm looking for one in an 8, 10, 12 whatever and i'd love to know where you saw the 8! :D

    shainamackie at gmail dot com

  4. Hey Shaina! Unfortunately I saw the size 8 over a month ago in the Madison, WI store and it was missing a button.