Monday, June 14, 2010

My Life in Anthropologie

I love seeing celebrities wearing pieces from my fave store, Anthropologie, such as Emma Pillsbury, Quinn Fabray, and Rachel Barry from Glee! As I was looking at all the awesome clothes that they were wearing I thought to myself, "I wonder what anthro pieces people would see of me wearing in my pictures!" so I decided to go through all my facebook pictures (since those are the special ones that I feel worthy of posting lol) to see what made it on the internet! So here it life in anthropologie..

This sweater by Sparrow is probably my first purchase ever from Anthropologie. I absolutely love this sweater, but unfortunately it shrunk because my dad put it in the dryer.. =(

The first pic is of me at my cousin's wedding in California wearing the Rosettes-and-Ruffles Dress. In the 2nd pic I also wore this dress with floral tights from anthro (similar here) at a valentine's banquet at school.

In the first pic I am wearing the Bombast & Cymbal Skirt on my 21st birthday to see Hairspray! The 2nd pic is me wearing the same skirt paired with the Parted Petals Cardigan downtown Chicago for my cousin's birthday.

Here I am with my good friend Mark celebrating our 4.0's that we both got for the semester. I'm wearing the lovely Pictureshow Dress by Tracy Reese.

Here I am celebrating my Grandpa's promotion to Heaven in the Corey Lynn Calter Bengal Stripe Skirt.

Here I'm wearing a gorgeous layered capelet by Sleeping On Snow (similar here and here) at a valentine's banquet at my school sophomore year.

This has got to be my all-time favorite coat (and I love me a good coat). I'm enjoying the beautiful downtown Chicago in the Straumur Jacket by Floreat.

And last but not least, here I am sleeping on my friend's bed at college wearing my fave Herringbone Tights. I love this pic because I look kinda dead haha.

So there you have it! You've seen me in my every day life wearing fantastic pieces of clothing from a fantastic store that makes my heart flutter.

Note: If you know the names of the pieces that I didn't label please comment and let me know. Thanks!

Giveaway Love!

There are many giveaways going on in the blog world lately and here are just a few that have to do with my all-time fave store, ANTHROPOLOGIE!

You, Me & Anthropologie is giving away a $25 gift card to anthro. Check out her awesome blog here!

Growing Up Anthro is having a June giveaway with a $25 gift card to anthro! Check it out here!

Tricia's Take is giving away a $50 gift card to anthro!! Enter for a chance to win here!

Those are all the anthro giveaways that I see right now..if you know of any more please comment and let me know! TIA and good luck!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So much for my budget, Anthropologie!

So from what I've been spending on clothes/shoes (mainly from anthropologie) I figured it would be best if I had made myself a budget. Well that all fell through when my all-time favorite store, Anthropologie, decided to have a sale with a few of my favorite things. I went to 2 of my local Anthros and bought amazing pieces, including the best deal I've ever gotten at an Anthro yet!

Cartography Cardigan in small
Originally $98 down to $49.95

Clinging Blossoms Cardigan in Medium (yay I found the last medium in the store!):
Originally $88 down to $49.95

Airmail Skirt size 4 (I did not pay attention to this skirt at all until sooo many people started raving about it so I had to have it!)
Originally $98 down to $49.95

Ha'penny Knickerbockers size 2
Originally $88 down to $19.95

Eva Franco Toulse Skirt (Originally $158 and the tag was marked $29.95 so I was like score! Then I went to check out and it turned out to be a whopping $9.95!!!)
Originally $158 down to $9.95

Thank you Anthropologie for your wonderfully amazing clothes, but you are starting to break my bank!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm New At This So Bear With Me...

So I decided to start this blog because I LOVE fashion beyond words and I figured it was about time to express my love to the world..or whomever finds time out of their busy schedules to read what I have to say.

I receive many compliments on my outfits, clothes, shoes, etc. and I want to be able to share how I style outfits, where I buy my clothes and such, and fashion tips and tricks.

I am going to start off with telling all of you my favorite stores/brands so you can see where I am as a style point so here we go!

Note: These are obviously not all of them, but what I can think of at the moment.


Anthropologie (My all-time favorite store)
Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack
Neiman Marcus/Neiman Marcus Last Call
Urban Outfitters
Ruehl (Too bad it's out of business!)
True Religion

Shoe Designers:

Jeffrey Campbell
Irregular Choice
Poetic License
Steve Madden (I decided to put him here instead of under stores)
Kenzie/Bobbi Blu

Clothing Designers:

Tracy Reese
Robert Rodriguez
Alice & Olivia
Nanette Lepore
Betsey Johnson
3.1 Phillip Lim
Elizabeth and James
Zac Posen

So there you have it! This is my unofficial list. Let me know what your favorites are!