Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So much for my budget, Anthropologie!

So from what I've been spending on clothes/shoes (mainly from anthropologie) I figured it would be best if I had made myself a budget. Well that all fell through when my all-time favorite store, Anthropologie, decided to have a sale with a few of my favorite things. I went to 2 of my local Anthros and bought amazing pieces, including the best deal I've ever gotten at an Anthro yet!

Cartography Cardigan in small
Originally $98 down to $49.95

Clinging Blossoms Cardigan in Medium (yay I found the last medium in the store!):
Originally $88 down to $49.95

Airmail Skirt size 4 (I did not pay attention to this skirt at all until sooo many people started raving about it so I had to have it!)
Originally $98 down to $49.95

Ha'penny Knickerbockers size 2
Originally $88 down to $19.95

Eva Franco Toulse Skirt (Originally $158 and the tag was marked $29.95 so I was like score! Then I went to check out and it turned out to be a whopping $9.95!!!)
Originally $158 down to $9.95

Thank you Anthropologie for your wonderfully amazing clothes, but you are starting to break my bank!


  1. Hello! I am totally having fun discovering the on-line Anthro community and joining in on the fun sale finds. I was at Highland Park tonight too. Tried on your awesome find but didn't love the fit. So glad that it worked for you!!!! And that it was down to 9.95!!!! :)There was a bright red cordoroy skirt from the winter down to 19.95 and a dark paisley one for 9.95 too. So much fun!

  2. Hey Ally...if you don't keep your size 6 Acting Out Skirt will you let me know? Thanks!

  3. What a great deal on that skirt! And I love both of those cardi's. I also picked up the cartography one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm your newest follower.

  4. @Crafty-Wafty: I am new to the anthro community too and it's been a blast! I'm surprised that you saw another one of the Eva Franco skirts! I thought I snagged the last one! So sorry that the fit didn't work out for you =( Happy blogging!

    @Sara- Unfortunately someone asked about the acting out skirt before you! I'll keep an eye out for you though! I found that e-mailing customer service rather than calling them gets me better results because usually when I call they almost never find what I'm looking for! HTH!

    @Jessica- I absolutely love the cartography cardigan!! Thanks for following me!