Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 from 2010: Shoes + OOTD: Anthrofying Gravity

I saved the best for last...SHOES! Before this year I didn't own one pair of shoes from Anthropologie. It's so hard to believe because shoes are my kryptonite. Every time I go on a website I look at the shoes first. I only owned one pair of nice leather boots before this year also and Anthropologie filled my fix for unique leather boots. I am so ecstatic with this list of shoes/boots and can't wait to wear them out!

  • Studded Scale Boots
  • Loose Rein Boots
  • Bowtied-Beauty Boots (The only pair I paid full price and worth it!!)
  • Pebbled & Primped Boots
  • Sawtooth Myrtle T-Straps
  • Hallowed Halls Oxfords
  • Carved Celadon Heels
  • Rensselaer T-Straps
  • Anticipation Heels
  • Slinking Frills Pumps
Here is my OOTD. I named it Anthrofying Gravity because I wore this outfit to see Wicked! I thought it was fitting since my blog's name is based on the musical. We were sitting in the 2nd row and it's like seeing a whole different show. I've seen Wicked 5 times and I've been in the first row and the last row and everywhere in between and I have to say that the 2nd row is the best to me. This cast is magnificent and I highly recommend seeing it if you're ever in Chicago.

 (Help me get that dang bent frill out!)

In This Outfit:
Dress: Anthro Sugar & Cream Dress
Cardigan: Anthro Precious Materials Cardigan
Shoes: Anthro Slinking Frills Pumps
Jacket: Anthro Cream Confection Jacket
Necklace: American Eagle 

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