Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Mullany Mystery Murder

My dorm's society had a dating outing a couple of months ago, and me and my boyfriend were the lucky couple picked to act out our very own wedding. I was told that we needed to dress up, and since I didn't have a wedding dress lying around I decided to wear my beautiful Mullany dress. Normally I wouldn't wear a black bolero over it because it matches, but in this case I decided to go the vintage route so it fit perfectly. Now, on to our lovely night...

Here we are walking in to our wedding reception, all smiles (for now).

Here's us at the head table waiting patiently for our food.

Oh no! Somebody shot me right after I shoved the wedding cake in Micah's face.
My gangster dad laid his hat over my face in grief.

Here's Micah still with frosting on his face. What will he ever do without his beloved!

Here's the cast. One of them killed me out of jealousy and rage. Maybe they wanted to steal the Mullany? Who knows.

The End.

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