Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews!

This is my very first set of Anthropologie fitting room reviews! I've always taken pix of my trying on different pieces at Anthro to see what I look like and to send them to my boyfriend to see what he thinks so it's about time that I blog about them. You can see my measurements to the right for reference. I apologize first and foremost for the bad quality that my dinky camera phone produces. Next time I'll use my camera. This set was a little bit underwhelming. I was excited to try on some pieces, but they failed to impress me. Unfortunately I can't go into too much detail with this set because I took these pix 2 weeks ago so I don't really remember details, but pictures speak a thousand words!

Volante Tee ::Style #19202712:: $58::Size small
This tee fit pretty TTS even with my bigger chest. It's hard for me to find tops that fit my chest and my waist and I feel that this top did the trick. I wasn't really feeling the wide neckline, but in the pictures it looks fine. The ribbon was a little overwhelming for me and I tend to like big, bold accents. Overall this top is wishlisted for sale only.

Strong-Of-Will Top::Style #19256205::Now $39.95::Size small
This top had so much promise. I love the rich peacock blue color and the intricate petal detail on the shoulder, but other than that...pass! As you can see from the side view, I look preggers which isn't typically the look I go for on a daily basis. I know the ruching detail gives it a little more oomph, but if it were edited out then I think i would like this top a lot better.

Sculpted Anemone Cardigan::Style #19254135::$148::Size small
Right when this cardigan went on the website I automatically placed it in my Birthday/Christmas list. That's saying a lot because that list only has about 10 things on it compared to my other lists that have over 100 things. The colors and detail are prettier in person, but the fit is just off for me. I thought I would need a medium but it was huge so I tried on a small. I like it from the front but the side view makes me look bigger than I am. If you compare this side view with the Volante Tee side view then you can see what I'm seeing. Also, the cardigan is on the shorter side and I have a small torso, so girls with longer torsos may have problems with this little number. I recently tried on an xs and the fit was a little better. I was considering on buying this at full price, but now I'll wait for sale or possibly a 2nd cut.

Switching Sides Sweater::style #19249184::Now $59.95::Size small
I really liked this sweater online. When I tried it on I had the same issue that I had with the Sculpted Anemone Cardigan. I liked it from the front but not the side, and it was short. I thought I could make it work with a high-waisted skirt, but in the end I opted out on this one even on sale.

Cabled Pathways Pullover::Style #19264878::$128::Size small
I love all 3 colors for this sweater. I decided to try the gold version since I'm really on a mustard/gold fetish right now. Turtlenecks were never my thing since I have a short neck and I should've remembered that when I tried this on. With this sweater I actually like the side view better than the front view because in the front I feel like it makes me look wider. I love the bottom detail because it's so unique and it's what drew me in. I still think this sweater has promise, and I'm going to try on the other colors since they're darker so maybe that will change my mind.

Adler Shrug::style #19417344::Now $49.95::Size S/M
Online I thought this shrug was a beauty. Purple is my favorite color and that plaid ruffle made my heart stop. Unfortunately when I tried it on it was a different story. I know this is a shrug but the fit was just weird. I thought the side view looked awful on me, hence the face, but now that I look at it it really doesn't look that bad. Still, I can't see this fitting into my wardrobe. It's too bad because it went on sale so quickly...which isn't the best thing sometimes.

Winter Solstice Wrap::style #19283928::$148::Size small
I think you can tell by my face that once I had this on it was an automatic no. I stray away from Asian inspired pieces because I'm Asian...or Pacific Islander (Filipino) so when it tends to look too costumey or I want to be Mulan for a day. I wanted to give this sweater the benefit of the doubt because I loved the color and the fabric detailing. Boy was I wrong. This came off of me as soon as I got it on.

Well there you have it! My first ever set of fitting room reviews. I told you it was underwhelming. Hopefully next time I do another set I'll have better luck, but my wallet was thrilled because it was losing too much weight.


  1. Thanks for trying on the Adler shrug! I put that on my wishlist after it went on sale, but I agree with you that there's something kind of off about it. Your facial expression in that second picture is hilarious!

  2. No prob! I put this on my wishlist right when I saw it, but in person it was all kinds of wrong and I couldn't hide it in my face haha. If there's anything you want me to try on let me know!