Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews: Slung Slash Tee, Abstract Flower Skirt, Mystery Tabitha Dress, Unconditional Osier Dress, Mystery Maeve Skirt, Dulcie Dress, Tate Boots

Here's another set of reviews for you filled with new arrivals not online yet! Hopefully I'll get to post my birthday outfit from 10/13 before November comes! I'm also debuting my new iPhone 4s with my super cool Hello Kitty case haha. I am loving this phone so that I can upload pix straight to the blogger app! Anyways, hope you enjoy the reviews and if there's anything you would like me to review just ask in the comments!


 Slung Sash Tee, Size small

I tried this tee on in the moss color. The color is gorgeous, but as you can see the cleavage is more than evident. I would still get this top when I'm feeling frisky and want to show the girls off for my man haha. I tried the Bolshoi Cardigan in a small with it to see how a cardigan would work with the top and I love how the the neckline gives the outfit a unique look. The double layer was a bit hard to get on at first, but once it was on I was pretty pleased. Wishlisted for sale.

 Abstract Forest Sweater Skirt, size x-small

This skirt has been high on my wishlist ever since it first showed up on the website. I love sweater skirts and the unique pattern on this one is to die for. I normally go a size down on sweater skirts just because in my experience they stretch throughout the day.  I do wish that the skirt were a little shorter, but overall I love it. Wishlisted for sale.

Mystery Tabitha Dress, size 2 and 6

This dress caught my eye right when I walked into the store. This is the fall/winter version of the Pom Flower Shift. I got the size 6 in the PFS, but returned it because I needed a 4 and the overall print didn't fit my style as much as I wanted it to. Now this dress absolutely fits into my wardrobe! Sadly, the store didn't have a size 4 for me to try on. The left picture is the size 6 which was too big in the waist and the right picture is the size 2 that I couldn't zip up. If you own the PFS it fits exactly the same. I might pull the trigger on this dress with my birthday discount if I don't find anything else. Wishlisted!

 Unconditional Osier Dress, size small

This dress was a bit hard to get on. The sleeves are kind of tight on me, but not enough where I would size up. I own the Spinning Lace Dress, but I love that this has sleeves! The material is lovely and I appreciate the black jersey slip underneath.

I don't own a dress in this color. This would be a fantastic holiday dress. I would love to try on the brown version to see which one I prefer because I think I would get more use out of the brown. The blue is very versatile though. Wishlisted for further consideration.

 Mystery Maeve Skirt, size 2

This is a great corduroy skirt with a twist! I love the cute plaid pattern on this skirt. I squeezed into a 2, but I would want to try on a size 4 to see which is a better fit. I've felt bloated this week, so hopefully that's why the skirt didn't easily zip up :/. The material is soft and of great quality. This skirt is perfect for fall!

Dulcie Dress, size small

When I saw this dress online I immediately fell in love with the gray version. My store only had the ivory so I tried it on for fit. I feel like this skirt makes me look young, especially since I'm so short. I feel like a ballerina in it, but a more modern one. I love the detailing on the bodice. I would like to try the gray version to see if it's a bit more sophisticated than the ivory. Wishlisted for further consideration at sale time.

 Tate Boots, size 8

I own 9 pairs of boots from Anthropologie and these are by far the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. They are super cute and stylish.I'm normally a 7.5 but always size up half a size in boots to fit socks. I feel like I can walk in these all day without even thinking about my feet. I was lucky enough to get these boots during the 30% off sale and they are worth every penny. I highly recommend these boots!!


  1. Mystery Maeve skirt showed up just this morning :) It's the Plaid Swathe Pencil Skirt- so funny that I was hoping to see someone in it "soon"!

  2. Thanks!! I normally check new arrivals in the morning but forgot to and when I saw your comment I didn't hesitate to check them out. There are some new arrivals that have me hooked including this skirt and the Scalloped Pencil Skirt!

  3. ally--i totally scored the tate boots, on your rec, at rue lala--for $90!! thanks so much. i also blogged about it again, and gave a shout out to you.
    you rock, girlfriend!!