Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews: Gossamer Birch Shell, Square Study Skirt, Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt, Tsuga Skirt, Verdant Slip Dress, High IQ Corduroys, Pilcro Superscript Cords, Mystery Moth sweater skirt, Enduring Tweed Coat

I haven't done reviews in over half a year it seems. I'm ready to go full force now! If you have anything you would like me to review, let me know in the comments section!

Gossamer Birch Shell, size small

This top went straight to the top of my wishlist when I tried it on. I had no idea it was stretchy! It looks super delicate, but totally wearable. The top is gorgeous on and I can tell it will go with a ton of things in my closet. I would love to own this top in both colors.

Square Study Skirt, size 4
I was unsure about this skirt when I first tried it on. I absolutely love the material, but hate that the squares are sewn instead of a print. Although you can't see it, I love the paperbag waist and the sturdy belt that comes with it. I feel like I can size down to a size 2 because the fabric has give. With this top I am really loving it. I couldn't resist with the additional 25% off sale!

Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt, size 4
I've had my eye on this "pencil skirt" the moment it appeared on the website. I love that the material has a velvety touch. I adore this skirt, but it is huge as you can see in the side view picture. I would definitely size down to a 2 or possibly a 0 to wear it higher on my waist.

Tsuga Skirt, size 2
I gasped for air the first time I saw this skirt on the European catalog. I knew I had to have it and was willing to use my birthday discount towards it. I saw that it came in petite and knew that would be the route I had to go since hemming it wouldn't be an option. I saw this in my local store and jumped for joy. 
When I had it on it was a different story. The length was fine, so I didn't need a petite size. The material felt like felt to me and I thought I looked like a cheerleader in it. I wasn't fond of the pleats in the back or the sides because it added unnecessary swing to the skirt. Overall, I would buy this at the sale price because the design and color are just too unique to pass up. This skirt screams "me" and I know I can make it work..just not at full price or with the b-day discount.

Verdant Slip Dress, size 4

When this dress first hit sale I wanted it, but felt like I didn't NEED it. I have too many silk dresses now (Take Action, Tupelo, etc.) and didn't think I needed another silk dress especially since the weather is cooling down. I was very lucky to find this dress in my local store with the 25% off sale going on. This is the first time I tried this dress on believe it or not and I love it! Even with my chest size, my normal size 4 fit perfectly because of the stretch in the back. I could wear a cardigan and boots with this and it would be perfect for fall.

High IQ Corduroys, size 0

These cords are perfect for fall. The material is so luxurious and soft. I love the super wide leg because my legs go in at my knees, kind of like a pigeon, so wide legs give my leg length. I folded these under to see how they would look. I size down two sizes because of the high waist and the amount of stretch.

Pilcro Superscript Cords, size 2

I sized down in these cords. The color is absolutely gorgeous. I'm loving rust for fall. I love the high waist and the pockets in the front are to die for. The material is super soft and of high quality.

Mystery Moth sweater skirt, size XS, $88

When I saw this skirt I almost died. I love sweater skirts with pockets! This skirt looks like the cousin to the Marston Sweater Skirt which I love. I took an XS in the Marston as well as this skirt. The side view looks tight, but I know it will stretch. This is a must have for me. If the quantities get low, I will get it at full price. I can't wait for this skirt to show up on the website!

Enduring Tweed Overcoat, size 4P

I couldn't wait to get this skirt in my hands. The unbelievable extra 60% off right when it appeared on the website was a sign that I had to have it. I ordered it in a petite because it looked long. As you can see, it's still super long! I didn't know how this was petite. This coat overwhelmed me beyond reason. 

I could have easily sized down to a size 2 because it was a bit roomier in the waist, but hopefully it will work out with thicker sweaters. Although the length is too long, this coat is an amazing winter coat. I love herringbone tweed. I took this coat along with the two corduroys above to the tailor today. I got about 3 1/2 inches off. Fingers crossed I'll love it to pieces!


  1. Wow. That coat is still large in petite, but it's so gorgeous!

    I'm totally on the lookout for the mystery Moth skirt. I missed out on Marston last year and will not let this one get away!

    Great reviews. Thank you!

  2. The coat is large, but I got it hemmed and I am in love with it! I'll post pics of it soon.

    The Cargo Pocket Sweater Skirt is a great alternative to the Marston Sweater Skirt! The way Anthro is with pricing lately, I think the $88 price tag isn't too bad either although I think I'll still hold out for sale.