Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deja Vu

Above is the late roller coaster, Deja Vu, from Six Flags Great America that no longer resides at my local theme park. Anyways on a happier note, SHOPPING! I love shopping/browsing online (mostly shopping =/) and as I was browsing TOPSHOP's site I noticed a dress that had a print that was beyond similar to a dress that I recently purchased on Urban Outfitter's website. I am in love with this vintage floral print so of course it jumped out at me when I saw it on a different dress style. Is it common for different brands/designers to use the same fabric? I'm not sure but this was exciting for me to see IRL because I've read about other people having the same kind of deja vu that I just had a couple minutes ago.

This is the dress that I bought at UO.
Buy it here.

And this is the deja vu version found at TOPSHOP.

Buy it here.

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